Jörg Singer

Graduate Industrial Engineer. Jörg Singer (born 1966) studied industrial engineering in Germany and USA. His professional career began in the U.S. for wind energy companies in Arizona. Jörg Singers active professional role is dominated by stations in sales, management and consulting for international companies. In the last 15 years, numerous companies Jörg Singer accompanied in its strategy. His core competencies are the structuring, positioning and design of future-oriented business enterprises. Focused on evaluation programs he aims his consulting approach using creative-interactive formats on actionable customer results and increase the value of businesses. Since 2000 Jörg Singer is an entrepreneur, in 2011 he was elected as mayor on Helgoland.



Mandates / selection

since 2011 Mayor, vitality strengthening community Helgoland, including Expanding the core business tourism, offshore structure of the industry, strengthening the housing and transportation infrastructure
2010 Project Manager, Strategic and International realignment of a reverse logistics company, Munich
2009 Co-founder, building a career portal, Münster
2008 Project Manager, transformation management in a bank, Frankfurt
2007 Project manager, project management and implementation of the IT subsidiary of an energy company, Mannheim
2006 Interim managers, building a donations-service company, Munich
2005 Project Manager, privatization of fiber infrastructure in China and create a telecom company, Hong Kong
2004 Interim manager, strategic alignment of a business unit, Munich
2003 Project Manager, restructuring the service infrastructure in a pharmaceutical company, Munich
2002 Consultants, outsourcing of parts of the company to a service provider, Frankfurt
1998 Manager, building an IT service from 50 to 500 employees, Hamburg
1994 Aufbau einer Windflügelproduktion mit Testfeld, USA


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