Access from the mainland

The island of Heligoland can be achieved by various conveyance. Especially for the Economic Forum storage, the airlines “Hamburg Airport” and “OFD” will offer special capacities of the airports Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel, Bremerhaven and Büsum (The flight times are 25-45 minutes). Alternatively the fast ferry HalunderJet bring  you from Hamburg to Helgoland over Cuxhaven.


Via airplane

Heligoland is a special journey

During the flight to Heligoland, along the Elbe, you see several 5MW turbines (Enercon and Siemens) near Brunsbüttel. Who comes to Bremen or Bremerhaven can admire the offshore near Cuxhaven Tripile foundations of Bard. And last but not least, there is the oil production platform in the Wadden Sea Plate Middel admired. By and large, you meet such a diverse “energy tour”, which combines beautifully with the status quo of the future.



Hamburg-Heligoland:The trip via Hamburg (040/707088966) from the General Aviation Terminal (GAT) Hamburg airport (approx 40 min.) Take place. There are available the highly reliable twin-engine aircraft of type Britten Norman Islander for you. These aircraft can accommodate up to 8 people each and 1 piece of 55 x 40 x 20cm square.

For our Economic Forum the following flight times are exclusively held for us:

About Air Hamburg: (1 machine max 8 people)

3.9. HAMBURG departure 10:30 clock (about 45 minutes flight time). Current information is available via the Service number (040/707088966) Air Hamburg.

About Ostfriesischerflight service (2 units max 16 people)
3.9. HAMBURG departure 11:00 clock (about 45 minutes flight time). Current information is available via the Service number (0471-771-88) Ostfriesischerflight service Ostfriesischer–Flugdienst


4.9. HELGOLAND departure 16:30-17:00 clock (about 50 minutes of flight time). Both airlines run consecutively. So 3 machines of type Britten Norman Islander / max 24 people.




If you come from the south, you reach Helgoland with the aircraft of the airline  Ostfriesischer–Flugdienst GmbH (OFD) Bremerhaven in about 25 minutes (+49/471-771-88). Again, you can fly with the proven twin-engine type aircraft, Britten Norman Islander. Current information on the homepage of Ostfriesischer–Flugdienst or call our service number +49/179/916 36 82.



The airfield at Germany’s only offshore island is on the “Dune”, the small neighboring island of Helgoland. In order to reach the venue of our forum, you will driven by the unique water taxi from the “Dune” to the main island.


Via fast ferry

With the Katamaran „Halunder Jet (+49/180 320 20 25) you can have a unique tour of Hamburg along the Elbe to Helgoland. This catamaran reaches a top speed of about 70 kilometers per hour and so does the driving time to less than 4 hours. In his separate salon about 76 people can take place.



During the leisurely drive you get information about the sights along the scenic route  from the port of Hamburg to Cuxhaven on flat screens. Each passenger receives a fixed, reserved seat and served by the friendly staff directly and personally. Due to its low draft, the “Halunder Jet” can directly stay on Helgoland south harbor. Questions about the ferry times of the Katamaran „Halunder Jet or call our service number +49/179/916 36 82.

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