Access from the mainland

Access from the mainland


You can travel with Ostfriesischer–Flugdienst GmbH OFD, from the business aviation centre (GAT) of Hamburg airport. Service number: + 49 / 04921-8992-0. Contact: Mr. Robert Lehr. Email: Here, you will also be flying with the reliable twin-engine aircraft “Britten Norman Islander”. You can find current information directly on the Ostfriesischer–Flugdienst homepage, via our service numbers (+49/04921-8992-0 /20), or from conference manager Henryk Ibe-Meinhardt 0152/0192 1330.


The following flight times have been reserved exclusively for the Wind Economic Forum:

About Ostfriesischer–Flugdienst (max. 4 machines)

The price of the return flight is

599€ plus VAT and air traffic tax 9€

Payment is by credit card, EC or cash. Payment by invoice is not possible.

For your information: the very reliable, twin-motor machines of the type “Britten Norman Islander” offer space for up to 8 people and 1 piece of luggage each of up to 55 x 40 x 20cm.

07.09. Departure HAMBURG (GAT) (09:00 am, 10:10 am, 10:25 am) . Current information is available via the service number (+ 49 / 04921-8992-0). The contact person is Mr. Robert Lehr.


Departure HELIGOLAND  to HAMBURG (GAT) (02:45 pm, 2 x 03:00 pm)


Cuxhaven or Büsum to Heligoland

If you are coming from the south, you can reach Heligoland from Cuxhaven in approx. 25 minutes with the airline GmbH (OFD). Service number (+49/04921-8992-0). Here, too, you will fly with the twin-motor “Britten Norman Islander” machine. Current information on flight departure times can be found directly on the Ostfriesischer–Flugdienst homepage or via our service number: Conference Manager Henryk Ibe-Meinhardt 0152/0192 1330.Via fast ferry

With the you will experience a unique tour along the Elbe from Hamburg to Heligoland. You can order tickets by calling: (0461864-44). The catamaran reaches a speed of approx.70 kilometres an hour, reducing the travel time to under 4 hours. There is a separate lounge with space for approx. 76 people. Regarding departure times: Hamburg Landungsbrücken: 09:00. Prices between 98 and 140 Euros for round trips, depending on travel class.

Halunder Jet from Hamburg

During the short journey, screens will provide you with information about the sights on the interesting route from Hamburg Harbour down the Elbe to Cuxhaven. Each traveller receives a fixed, reserved seat and is directly and personally taken care of by the friendly service staff. Due to its low draught, the “Halunder Jet” can dock directly at the Heligoland South Harbour. Even here, applies. Questions about ferry times can be answered at Halunderjet or via our service number: Conference Manager Henryk Ibe-Meinhardt 0152/0192 1330.